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About Us

The next time you want to buy art, consider the veritable treasure trove of Indian traditional and tribal arts and crafts. Each piece a bearer of a centuries of tradition, with myths, tales and craftsmen’s lives packed within its seams. Craftchakra is home to a carefully curated selection of many such delightful treasures.

But it also a lot more than just that. Craftchakra is also helping hand for struggling, last-of-their-line master craftsmen. With no kingly coffers to offer patronage, India’s great artists often languish in poverty.  They are forced to give up on skills that are passed down from generation to generation and learned over a lifetime. By providing a global platform, social media and marketing support, at Craftchakra, we aim to revive and celebrate the many traditional art forms of India.

Which is why, when you buy art from Craftchakra, you don’t just bring home something to decorate on your mantelpiece. You become a patron of art, a lifeline that will help artists stay with their canvases, their looms, their potter’s wheels and their awls. Find murals, tribal paintings, woven masterpieces and sculptures that carry a lineage within them. We welcome you to join us in this journey of discovering unique and heirloom-worthy art pieces and people behind them.